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 What Others Have Said About The Book:

From the Critic:

"Now in an updated and revised second addition, continues to be a superb introduction for young readers into genetics. N. C. Bailey and N. L. Eskeland effectively collaborate to describe and explain all aspects of living cells including what they do and how they do it. Of special interest are the chapters on heredity, cloning, and mutation. A very highly recommended science book for young readers, Call Me Gene is enhanced for classroom and home schooling curriculums with a glossary, bibliography, and recommended websites on the gene."  Midwest Book Review- The Children's Bookwatch, Volume 11, Number 7, July 2001.  

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EBook About- Review of Call Me Gene- Third Edition

From Educators:

"Dr. Bailey and Dr. Eskeland have created a terrific book for middle  school students. In Call Me Gene they've taken a complex topic and  made it an enjoyable and informative read with clear graphics targeted  perfectly for middle school students. Their book will not overwhelm  readers.  Instead, the authors balance information with graphics which easily leads to students having a basic comprehension of genetics as well as how biotechnology is affecting their lives.” 
Phyllis Clay-  6-8 Science Curriculum Specialist, Fountain Valley School District.

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"Call Me Gene by Bailey and Eskeland is a delightful, appealing and no nonsense book that presents current topics in biotechnology/genetics using high interest graphics and a minimum use of terminology. The book has a Fry Readability Index of 7.9... Major science concepts of DNA/RNA, genes, replication, and protein synthesis are developed by making connections between basic genetics to high interest principles of genetic engineering, gene therapy and cloning ... The authors use of terms and topics that link to middle/junior high media preferences, frequently the center of TV programs both science fiction, situation cartoon, entertainment, newscasts and news articles, connect student experience and interest to these complex topics. It appears that the authors' intent is to use the colorful graphics and personalized writing style to focus students on depth of understanding rather than the breadth of information or facts... This book would be very suitable as a supplement to either the 7th or 8th grade science curriculum..." Bob Van Zant- San Diego City Schools Science Assessor.

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"I found their material (Call Me Gene and Fun With Gene) very appealing for my audience. I was really amazed. They don't get too excited with the material we have now.." Doris Herbert- 7th grade Science teacher at Correia Junior High in Point Loma, San Diego.

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"Science2Discover’s books, Call Me Gene and Fun With Gene  By Drs. Bailey and Eskeland -  Call Me Gene/My Name Is Gene, are science books narrated by a gene who walks students through major advances in genetics, from Gregor Mendel’s experiments with pea plants to modern animal cloning and the Human Genome Project. Call Me Gene and its workbooks Fun With Gene, feature clear, simple language and numerous full-color diagrams... An excellent  resource to teach about genetics and sickle cell disease." Allan Platt PA-C Program Coordinator, The Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center.

From Scientists:

"I have read Call Me Gene and found it perfectly delightful! You have produced a well thought out basic genetics book geared for the middle school student with lovely graphics." Christine L. Carter, Ph.D., M.P.H. Geneticist, Medical Department, Celera Genomics (Celera was involved in decoding a draft of the Human Genome in June 2000 and only recently, the laboratory mouse).

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"For those interested in learning more about the gene, "Call Me Gene" and its workbook, "Fun With Gene", are pure delight. Drs. N.C. Bailey and N.L. Eskeland have provided information with clarity and excitement, which stimulate the interest of both students and the general public. Today, with the scientific information explosion, understanding the importance and function of the gene should be a part of ones' education, and these books are a timely addition and recommended reading."  William M. Manger, M.D., Ph.D. Chairman, National Hypertension Association, Clinical Professor of Medicine; New York University Medical Center, NYC.

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"Call Me Gene is a nice primer on genetics - both in plants and in humans. The book is very easy to read and contains good exercises for children to practice their new-found knowledge. Drs. Bailey and Eskeland have simplified this sometimes-exotic subject into terms that we all can understand. And the illustrations are simple but informative at the same time. The main subject is the 'gene' -DNA and how it provides information for cells and how it replicates itself. But there are also short segments at the end on cloning, genetic testing and its purposes, forensic medicine, and genetic engineering in plants. This is a subject that all children need to learn in order to make wise decisions in the coming years. Segments of the book can be used for very young children, but in general the target is late elementary or middle school. A religious-based alternative book is My Name Is Gene by the same authors." Dr. Kain, The Science Spiders.

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"Great book. Simplifies complex, fascinating subject so that adolescents or adults would be interested. I wish this had been available when I was in school." Ruth Roberts, MA. Medical writer, ca-author of Pumping Insulin and STOP The Rollercoaster.


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