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Science2Discover Partners with Children's RARE Disease Network to Bring Genetics Education to the Public

February 2010. Science2Discover has partnered with Children's Rare Disease Network to bring a better understanding of the science behind genetic diseases in children. The Global Genes Project, an initiative of The Children's Disease Network, is designed to raise awareness about the prevalence of rare genetic disorders that afflict millions of children worldwide. You may check our resources at For more information on The Children's Rare Disease Network, visit:

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Science2Discover participates in the San Diego Science Festival 2009

April 2009. Science2Discover participated in the San Diego Science Festival 2009 by having a booth and offering hands-on science activities in Balboa. Hundreds of students and children stopped by the booth to try the different fun games and activities. Additionally, Drs. Eskeland and Bailey presented a workshop titled "More Fun with Gene" for science teachers during the festival month. Fourteen middle and high school teachers around San Diego County attended the workshop which covered areas of genetics and biotechnology.

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Author and Scientist Dr. Lucy Eskeland Will Sign her Popular Children's Book at San Diego's First Annual Children's Book Festival

May 2008. Dr. Lucy Eskeland, a scientist and author will be selling her popular book "Menace on the Walls" at the First Annual Children's Book Festival in San Diego.

"Menace in the Walls" weaves the high tension energy of mystery and intrigue into the amazing world of molds and molecules. Based on true events, this engaging tale creates awareness of the dangers of mold and a thirst for further scientific knowledge in children between the ages of 10-13.  

The event will be held from 10  a.m.- 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 4th at Nobel Athletic Park and North  University Community Branch Library, 8820 Judicial Drive, San  Diego, CA 92122-4500. Website:

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Science2Discover, Inc. Partners with Gravitas Publishing to Science books to Teachers and Students

March 2008. Science2Discover will be selling through its website Real Science-4-Kids books written by Dr. Rebecca Keller for children from kindergarten to middle school.

Students will explore real science using hands-on activities designed not only to teach the scientific method but also to help develop critical thinking tools necessary for success in every area of study.

Real Science-4-Kids science curriculum is unique in its �teacher-friendliness.�  All three levels of the curriculum cover the same topics in the same order, making it easy to teach students with various learning abilities.

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Lucy Eskeland and Celeste Bailey Present a Science Workshop for Science Teachers 

May 2006. Drs. Bailey and Eskeland presented a successful science workshop, along with science teacher Debbie Culley, on genetics and biotechnology at Santa Fe Christian Schools in Solana Beach. Teachers from around San Diego County were treated to a three-hour seminar that included many hands-on activities and videos. In addition, both Bailey and Eskeland had a book signing of their science books including their latest workbook "Know Your Gene- A High School Workbook".

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Author Lucy Eskeland Gives a Book Presentations at Santa Fe Christian School's Library to 5th Graders

October 2004 and October 2005. Dr. Eskeland gave fun three presentations to fifth grade students at Santa Fe Christian School's library in Solana Beach, CA. Children learned how Dr. Eskeland became a scientist and a writer. She also shared with them about her new book "Menace in the Walls" and the importance of keeping safe from molds. Later, children were able to view a couple of slides on mold under the microscope. More of these events will be coming soon!

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Speak Easy Radio With Bob Henry

July 10th, 2004 at 10:30 A.M. (EST), PA. Dr. Eskeland was a guest on Bob Henry's show to discuss her latest children's book "Menace in the Walls" which addresses the issue of mold. 

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Beware of the Hidden Mold in Your Walls!

DEL MAR, CA- June 2004: Recent headlines have warned: "Indoor Mold Linked to Health Problems." Now just released, a new book, Menace in the Walls by Dr. N. L. Eskeland weaves the high tension energy of mystery and intrigue into the amazing world of molds and molecules. Based on true events, this engaging tale creates awareness of the dangers of mold and a thirst for further scientific knowledge in children between the ages of 10-13.  

The story begins with a 13- year- old Joshua, working in a research laboratory in Cleveland General Hospital during the summer break, stumbles on a menace that has claimed the life of his beloved horse, Mandy. He is determined to solve the mystery. During the course of the book, Joshua uncovers his sister Kelley�s inadvertent link to a sinister plot involving the mysterious deaths of infants. Readers are faced with the question of whether Joshua can solve the case without putting his life and Kelley�s in danger.  

Menace in the Walls, published by Science2Discover Inc., is based on a true and controversial story that took place in the mid-1990s in Cleveland , OH . During an outbreak of pulmonary hemorrhage resulting in the deaths of several young infants, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), led by Dr. Dorr Dearborn of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland , Ohio , investigated the first 10 cases and found an association between the deaths and water-damaged homes containing the toxic mold, Stachybotrys.  

�Let us through!� the medics pleaded with emergency room visitors at Cleveland General Hospital, as they wheeled in an unconscious child with a respirator mask covering her tiny face. 

Joshua Keegan jumped to the side, staring at the young flood victim as a wailing woman followed the gurney. �Oh God! Save my little girl!"

                  (From Menace in the Walls, page 1)

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"Call Me Gene" is Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune

DEL MAR, CA- October 2002: An article on "Call Me Gene" and its authors was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune- North Coast Section on Wednesday, October 2nd 2002. You can check the article here.

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Science2Discover, Inc. Partners with Edvotek to Bring Hands-on activities to the classroom

DEL MAR, CA- July 2002: To help students better understand genetics and biotechnology, Scienc2Discover, Inc. has partnered with Edvotek- a biotechnology education company that develops many science kits. 

These hands-on activities, along, with Science2Discover, Inc. books will provide the student a good and solid science curriculum in the fields of genetics and biotechnology.

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Genetics and Biotechnology books are Adopted Textbooks for Science in the State of Utah

DEL MAR, CA- November 15, 2001: "Call Me Gene-2nd Edition" and the workbooks "Fun With Gene" received 'limited' adoption by Utah State Textbook Commission for 7-8 grade Integrated Science. The review was the following: "Fits current core for 7th grade. Covers only heredity and genetics. Good thematic unit for heredity and genetics. Activities are paper, pencil, and research, no labs. Good thought provoking questions. Made students search for answers. Age appropriate. However, materials are soft bound and may not survive heavy usage. Covers a variety of topics that fit a diverse community such as sickle cell and others."

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Genetics and Biotechnology books are Adopted Textbooks for Science in the State of Alabama 

DEL MAR, CA- November 11, 2001:   The Alabama State Board of Education adopted several textbooks for the subject areas of science, among them are "Call Me Gene-2nd Edition" and the workbooks "Fun With Gene" for middle schools. State contracts for these titles will become effective on July 1, 2002. 

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Can Genetics Be Fun for Middle Schoolers?

DEL MAR, CA- August 27, 2001: "Hey�Want to come over after school and extract some DNA together?" It may not be the typical middle school conversation�but you might hear it from kids who�ve been using Science2Discover�s books, Call Me Gene and Fun With Gene.

Call Me Gene, ISBN 0-9673811-2-6, $19.95, is narrated by a gene who walks students through major advances in genetics, from Gregor Mendel�s experiments with pea plants to modern animal cloning and the Human Genome Project. The book and its workbooks Fun With Gene, which feature clear, simple language and numerous full-color diagrams, have been accepted as middle school supplementary materials by California State Board of Education and adopted by Utah and Alabama.  In addition, the books have been approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York. Call Me Gene was also selected as a prize gift

by the Aventis CropScience Award for biotechnology science projects.

�Knock! Knock! Who�s there? A messenger from certain proteins informs me that it is time for me to wake up, since my home is about to divide. I panic. In order for my home�the cell�to divide, I need to make more of me! As shown in Figure 13, cell division occurs at the end of the cell cycle. The cell cycle is important because that is how dead cells are replaced with new ones.�

(From Call Me Gene, page 34)

Fun With Gene, ISBN 0-9673811-3-4, $10.95 builds on the knowledge gained in Call Me Gene with a series of puzzles, genetics trivia questions, cases to solve involving crime-solving, disease control, and agriculture. Students will also learn how to extract DNA from plants, make models of DNA and cells, replicate DNA, develop mutations�

�a terrific book... [The authors] have taken a complex topic and made it an enjoyable and informative read with clear graphics targeted perfectly for middle school students..�

(Phyllis Clay- 6-8 Science Curriculum Specialist, Fountain Valley School District)

All books are available directly from Science2Discover, on the web at, by phone at 888-359-6075, or by fax at 858-793-0410. Bulk discounts and teacher workbooks are available on direct orders. Call Me Gene can also be ordered at,

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New York City Department of Education Approves Science2Discover Books as Middle School Curriculum Resource in Genetics and Biotechnology. 

Del Mar, CA - July 1, 2001- Call Me Gene-Second Edition and Fun With Gene have recently been approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York. 

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Aventis CropScience of Canada promotes Biotechnology Education to Students at Science Fairs

Del Mar, CA - April 30, 2001 � To educate the students about the importance of genetics and biotechnology, Aventis CropScience presented Call Me Gene books to students who were winners at science fairs around Canada. About eighty books were distributed to various regional fairs in Canada.


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